Gamma2 Normae

Web site:

Technologies: PHP/MySQL/HTML/Javascript

Short descriptioin:

Minimalistic content management system. This content management system contains only necessary functionality and provide outstanding tools for easy deployment, for easy content management and includes intuitive interface which help to support web site for administrators with minimal knowledge.

Detailed description:

Main goal of this web application provide administrators real easy to use tool to cover their daily routine. Web application consist from next functional blocks:

  • categories and menu management, this functionality give administrator ability create really complex menu for web site, group content by logical categories for more convenient access to the information for web site users.
  • content management, this subsystem provide convenient user interface for content editing, it also includes WYSIWYG editor which helps nonexperienced administrator quickly alter any content on web site, for more experienced administrator exists HTML mode where he can tweak final HTML code.
  • user management, this subsystem allow administrator mannage users account and grant registered users access to specific information accorsign their rights.
  • integrations management, thisis functionality which helps administrator configure gate for exchange information with other web applications.