Alpha Ophiuchi

Web site:

Technologies: PHP/MySQL/HTML

Short description:

Sprintex's company web site. This web site was built from scratch for daily business management routines for company in furniture retailers industry. Web site allow administrator publish information about furniture, manage user's polls and define most popular products. For web site users it is useful application for retrieving information about products and placing orders.

Detailed description:

Web site includes administration and frontend interfaces.

Through administration interface administrator able to easily access any information on web site. User friendly administration tools provides ability to manage products on the web site, union them in to categories, review customers orders, and manage customer's reviews about products or company's web site.Strong security provided by web site allow to prevent unauthorized access from outside. User friendly interface reduces training time and cost and in addition to that help system guides administrator to his goal.

Through frontend interface web site users able to access information about company products, store locations and hours, phone numbers 24 hours everyday.Beyond just access to the information web site also provides ability to create a review about furniture on the web site or about company web site in a whole.