Alpha Telescopii

Web site:

Technologies: JavaScript/PHP/MySQL/HTML

Short description:

This is web application which allow to create free forms, for further filling out by web site users. Forms might be any configuration, web application allow organize forms by categories in tree structure. Web application implemented in PHP and JavaScript languages.

Detailed description:

Web application contains next features set for administrators:

  • form tree management, give administrator ability organize form's set into categories, ability create sequence forms in category and forms will appears in that sequence when user will fill them out, ability to create logical expressions which can also define sequence in which forms will appear for users according their previous answers.
  • form management, administrator presented with tools which allow him to create a form, administrator got a panel where presented all input elements(all usual elements presented there), administrator can drag and drop elements on the form, also administrator can define form's background image.
  • forms import, administrator provided with ability to import forms from folders and text file, text files has special structure and structure was defined by customer to match their software, after import administrator can align sequence if needed and define logical expressions.
  • form's answers management, this functionality give administrator ability to check users answers on the forms and send answers on special server.

Users presented with useful interface where they can fill their data, also user can treat forms as a sequence or as a tree and fill data asynchronously. Application calculate logical and mathematical expressions on users data while user fill out forms and according results of this calculations shows or hides additional forms. User can save data by creating account in application.